What we offer

System and workflow:
Existing features in FORSbase implemented in SWISSUBASE:
  • a FAIR, OAIS-compliant, and non-commercial repository (requirement of the SNSF);
  • certified, trustworthy environment for long-term preservation;
  • free persistent identifiers for data (DOIs) for all published datasets;
  • standardized citations for datasets  for use in journal publications;
  • data producers control the access to their data by defining the conditions of access, ranging from open to highly restricted;
  • customisable contract templates for data producers;
  • producers receive information about who has downloaded their data, and for which purposes;
  • an embedded institutional project registry and catalogue allows partner institutions to have an overview of all the current and completed projects of the researchers affiliated with their institution.
New functionalities available in SWISSUbase:
  • discipline-specific metadata schemas for rich metadata;
  • SWITCH edu-ID authentication;
  • common workspace for research teams, synchronized with SWITCHdrive;
  • statistics on new projects, published datasets, and dataset downloads.
  • Expertise: We provide expertise and user support in archiving, data management and digital preservation.
  • Research infrastructures: We support and accompany the implementation of the data service unit at your institution.
  • Capacity building: We produce and provide guidelines, policies and training resources for the data service units at partner institutions and researchers.
  • Digital curation and data publishing: We support and contribute to defining standards for long-term access to managed digital resources.
  • Data protection and access: We provide guidance on data protection policies and access control.
  • Metadata and data discovery: We promote the use of rich metadata standards for data and metadata discoverability.
  • Data management: We provide guidance and best practices regarding data management for research data producers.
Compliance with international standards:

For a complete overview, download the documentation.