Dissemination and promotion

In this work package, a dissemination and promotion strategy will be established and implemented. This will include the building of a website for public information, the branding of SWISSUbase (logo, colour scheme, etc.), as well as promotional activities, including a conference at the end of the project to present the tool to a wider audience. The conference will aim to generate interest in SWISSUbase from prospective institutional users.
The partners will play a major part in promoting the tool, both within and outside of their institutions. From the very beginning of the project, partners will communicate with and reach out to other Swiss research institutions in their networks to promote SWISSUbase as a repository solution. The project manager will systematically contact potentially interested institutions, including all Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences, to announce and promote the tool and its benefits. As the business model is developed, details will be conveyed as early as possible about likely future membership costs and conditions. Demonstrations will be offered, and the project manager will be available for consultations with prospective institutional users.